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I've just read the
My understanding is godot can draw its own window which has its own scene tree. The gettree().getroot() is a window object now.

My question is , each window has its own scene tree, can it load different pcx files?
Or can I load multiple pck resouce file at the same time, play each game in different windows, play them at the same time?

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I don't know what you mean by "pcx file", but I'd note that it's very likely each window does not have its "own scene tree", but they rather own a branch of the same scene tree:

- MainWindow <-- viewport
    - CurrentScene
        - Sprite
        - Sprite2
        - SubWindow1 <-- viewport
            - Control
                - ....
        - SubWindow2 <-- viewport
            - Control
                - ....

So it's almost the same than having those subwindows being WindowDialogs like now, really. Almost nothing changes, except viewports can now render in other windows. This may also be quite relevant to the "emulated window system" feature, for platforms where native windows are not supported.

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