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Hi, someone know what is the most responsive way to play a sound after a collision?

I'm using Area2d to send signal inside an instanced scene, and then playing by AudioStreamPlayer from that scene, but I'm having a slight delay about 0.1 sec.

Is that normal, or Im doing something wrong.
EDIT: maybe there is a way to add sounds to a buffer?

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Did you check your sound file? (i.e. with audacity). Perhaps the most part of the delay is inside the sound data.

To combat sound latency inherent to real-time audio engines, you can also find a way to play the sound just before the collision (if it's very likely to happen). You could use a RayCast node to predict this.

Problem is also that the delay is not always the same.
I'm making a percussion app based on collisions so its pretty noticeable

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I used audiostream2d and it sounds much better

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