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For my project I am trying to set up a basic Lobby demo using a local Client and Google Cloud Platform server.

I am following along in this guide:

I have set up a GCP instance and am running the Server.pck file as specified in the guide-

The challenge I have is when I change the IP address from local to the GCP External IP, I receive the "Connection timed out, trying again" message on the Client side. The program works when I run the server locally and connect via Local IP.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you for the help!

These are the specific steps I took:
Part 1- Accessing the GCP Instance
• Link to Google Cloud Platform
• Instance Name: godot-instance
• Three-dot icon -> start
• Notice the External IP Address on the instance page- this will be used in our Client programs

Connect via Cloud Shell:
• Top right button
• Launch Editor- will open a new tab and will be able to see the files in the Server
• Run command: ./Godotv3.2.1-stablelinux_server.64 --main-pack ./Server.pck
• Congratulations! Server is now up and running

Part 2- Porting Over Godot Server code:
• Launch Godot program you want to port over
• First Time:
o Project -> Add… -> Linux/X11 -> Follow Wizard to download the template

• Afterwards:
o Project -> Export… -> Linux/X11 (Runnable) -> Export Project (NOT the Export PCK/Zip file) -> choose directory you want locally -> Save

• Go back to the GCP Cloud Shell Instance
• Restart the running server if it is currently running
• Delete old “Server.pck” file

• More -> Upload File -> Find “Server.pck” file in directory -> Open
• Start up the server again with command:
o ./Godotv3.2.1-stablelinux_server.64 --main-pack ./Server.pck

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I figured it out- I was accidentally connecting to the Google Cloud Shell repository and running the server there. When I ran the Server.pck file directly on the VM Instance, I was able to connect easily.

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