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i'm new to coding but want to create a PROCEDURAL PLANET very much, can any one tell me how to make it? i google it, here are some videos using unity, but non using Godot.

thanks very much!

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What kind of procedural planet are you talking about? Something like Minecraft? Terraria? Crashlands?

The basic principals are to use perlin noise.

i want somthing like Nomansky, but smaller.

This guy made a very good example

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There is no tutorial but there are a few projects you can look up like this one:
Planet generator
Source code
If you are using the mesh sphere Godot creates it uses an equirectangular UV mapping, there is an explanation here about creating a cube map using perlin noise and converting it to equirectangular UV mapping.
I made a little test but not created the textures procedurally.

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thanks, i will use : creating a cube map using perlin noise and converting it to equirectangular UV mapping

i will try.

can you show your little test code?

I'm still evaluating if develop it further or release the code. If I release the code will be with a video in Youtube

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I found this tutorial that seems to be a nice start.

Note: In the tutorial he uses a Perlin noise shader that I couldn't find, I used this instead.

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