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how to make the focus draw below the button?
or how can i make a focus for this theme?
it must draw around both up and down buttons
in my case my up button has a different shape then the down button?
so the focus passes through the top and shadow on sides
is there some way to make it draw the focus below? or


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anyone got some example textures? what is the normal workflow focus is supposed to be a transparent overlay image or what? thanks

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You could add a script like this to your TextureButton:

extends TextureButton

func _on_TextureButton_button_down():
    texture_focused = load("<Path1>")

func _on_TextureButton_button_up():
    texture_focused = load("<Path2>")

Connect the callbacks to the button_down- and button_up-signals of the button and create one focus-image for the down-state (located under <Path1>) and another one for the up-state (located under <Path2>) . Problem solved?

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I don't think you can add custom scripts to a theme right?

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