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How do I run my game directly on the editor for Debugging? I remember doing it in some previous version of Godot. I could run the game directly on the editor and also seeing my new nodes being created direct to the tree.

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You can't run it in the same window that the editor is using (like Unity or Unreal). To see the scene tree of your running game click on "Remote" in the scene tree in the editor. If you run your game using the editor (F5) you will be able to debug it using the tools in the editor.

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I don't know about running it in the editor instead of in a separate window, but if you look in the node tree while the game is running you will find two buttons labeled "Local" and "Remote". If you choose Remote you can see the node tree change during gameplay.

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Thanks both of you. The Remote option helps a lot. But on other project I was trying to see a feedback from another angle of view, I could not just move the camera because I was trying to debug a ray cast from the camera. So, there is no way for this?

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You can create a new camera and temporarily set it as "Current" to look through it. Remember to deactivate it or remove it when you're done debugging.

EDIT: NVM misunderstood your proble, sorry.

There is a little camera icon right where the move, rotate and scale tools are. If you click it, you can control your game window camera by moving the editor window camera.
See the release post for 3.2.
Couldn't find any docs on it but in the post there is this video that explains it.

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