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I am getting

modules/gdnative/nativescript/nativescript.cpp:92 - Condition "!script_data" is true.
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Did you find a solution for this? having the same issue :/

No luck, I tried many things but nothing worked

2 Answers

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Check your .gdns file, make sure class_name correspond to the name of your class in C++ (if your nativescript is C++ of course, in any case the names must match)

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Yes i have checked classname matches to c++ class but still i am getting this error.
Plugin works perfectly but i always get this "Condition "!script
data" is true" error in editor

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When I made a new class that I registered in GDNative I had the same Condition "!script_data" is true problem. I fixed it by just restarting the Godot Engine editor.

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Thanks, this is helped me too

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