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Hello everyone,

I would like to start creating a 2d game targeting mobile platforms (iOS, Android). All I guess I'll need is:

  • basic game engine functionalities and ease-of-use (Godot is a perfect match here)
  • in-app-purchase (Godot has them built-in as I know)
  • firebase integration (ability to use firebase notifications, database and storage, auth)
  • AdMob integration for ads

For the first two points, everything is ok right out of the box. For the last two items, it's bit more complicated.

I know there are plenty of plugins/modules etc. which resolve (sort of) all (at least some) of the needed things here, but what I would like to ask is:

Which is the "correct / better" way to go?

Explaining it a little bit better I would like to better understand:

  • if there's an "official" way to go or advised way to do things when there requirements are needed
  • if there are any advices you can give me or any source of projects which have already done these kind of things so that I can learn from them
  • if there's a better way to do this than another one (for example, starting with Godot 3.2 I should use the new android plugin feature (without recompiling) instead of building an ad-hoc module for the android platform (maybe?, also from a future-proof point of view).
  • what are the opportunities when we come down to "so, there's nothing plug&play out there for your needs, you have to build it" (which is okay, I can develop them for my use case, maybe also share them, but I would like to be advised to where to start and which possibilities I have with the engine, for example pluginslike editor ones, gdnative ones, android specific ones, other sort of modules which I don't know yet, etc)

I have programming experience, so that should not be a problem. I know there are firebase/admob SDKs which others have also started porting to "plugins" in order to use some of those functionalities.

Speaking of what already exists, I can see none of them offer a "complete" solution to the problem and often they appear to be a little bit old or just android-specific.

Thanks for your time,

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I am also struggling with firebase and admob, I am new to development and every plug-in, I see has some issued raised. Did you find anything suitable? I am currently using v3.2.2

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For Godot 3.2.3 you can use binary precompiled modules for Firebase and several ad mediation networks.
Installation is very simple:
Find and download NativeLib addon from AssetLib.
Search binary module and press Install.
Now there are 33 different native modules in repository and even more will be ready soon.
More info:

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