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Hey Guys, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I've encountered a bug. I'm having a lot of issues just getting around 3d space in Godot. I'm able to use Ctrl + trackpad to zoom and Shift + trackpad to pan. This works ok... for a few minutes, then I find myself unable to either. When I try to pan nothing happens and there is no visual indication of anything being wrong. When I try to zoom, it shows a visual indicator that seems to indicate that I'm all the way zoomed in (which I'm not). The indicator looks like a horizontal bar with a magnifying glass that has a plus sign. This appears on the left hand side of the 3d space editor pane.

Does anyone know if what I'm doing wrong? Maybe I'm accidentally clicking something that's putting the editor into a different mode. I've had some luck switching the view to have 2 3d space editors. When I do that, the new one works for a while, until it suffers from the same problem.

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