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I want to start unit testing my project but don't know which unit testing framework to use.

The two main ones seem to be GUT and WAT.

Can someone who has some experience with both give any key differences?


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Since asking this question I have tried both GUT and WAT and have settled on WAT.

The key differences I noticed are:

  • GUT shows the test results in a separate game window
  • WAT shows the test results in a panel that's integrated into the Godot editor
  • GUT has a VSCode extension to run the tests
  • Both GUT and WAT have the ability to run tests from the command line
  • WAT has a C# version

Either will work fine for any GDScript project, I just chose WAT because I liked the integrated UI and I needed C# support.

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GUT does also have a an option of running through an Editor panel since version 7.2.0

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