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Error from GODOT Engine 3.2.1, your video card driver does not support OpenGl version.
My computer is an OMEN HP - 15 I7, on Windows 10, my videocard is a GeForce RTX 2070 Nvidia.T
he Godot application worked once, than I did receive the error message.
Can anyone help me please.

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set renderer to gles 2

Please can you show me how to do the set renderer to GLES 2

1 Answer

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I know I'm kinda late but you go to:

Project > Project Settings > Rendering > Quality > Driver >Driver name: GLES2

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This worked on my Toshiba Satellite A-5500

OK but what if the error happens at editor startup, not when running the game?

My graphics card : Nvidia T500
Godot version : Godot Mono 64 bits 3.4.2 stable.

EDIT: I found this

godot.exe --editor --video-driver GLES2

Thank very much! I haved problems whit this

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