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I'm using a firebase plugin but it's working just for Android.

What is the best way to track what the user clicks and does in your game?
And it should work on both Android and iOS.

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Hello! There are several plugins:
Firebase Analytics: https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-firebase-analytics
Amplitude: https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-amplitude
Facebook Analytics: https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-facebook
AppsFlyer: https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-appsflyer
FlurryAnalytics https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-flurry

All of them you can install with NativeLib addon. It can be installed from AssetLib.

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Thanks wow that's quite a lot.
I didn't find any good at the time.
I'll check them out now

Wow this native library plugin you created looks awesome.
So it makes it possible to integrate everything I could do with a native Android/iOS to Godot?

Yes. There are 37 native packages in repository now. And their number is constantly growing. Also if your project required some specific third party SDK you can just ask to make an additional package.

Wow I love your work! Thank you so much for creating this.
I also searched days for notification modules and you made one!
I got you a coffee on ko-fi :)
Keep up this amazing work!


This analytics plugins works for Android and iOS?

There is nothing about it on firebase plugin readme.

Thanks and great job.

Now it has only android binary module. iOS will be ready soon (I hope)
In NativeLib window you can see all supported platforms for every available plugin. Also you could filter plugins by supported platform.

Hi, nice plugins! Could you let us know when iOS Firebase is supported? Thanks!

Hi, DrMoriarty. Sorry to ask for your help on an old comment. I have installed your Firebase Analytics plugin and default datas are already being logged to my Firebase console which is awesome as it was easy to do even for a newbie non-programmer like myself. However, I can't seem to get events to log. Do you mind guiding me on that? I've placed the following code on my script but it doesn't seem to send this data to the console. Is it incorrect?

fba.logEvent('level_start', {'level_name' : "start"})
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