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Hi All. I have a popup menu with a bunch of items. I want them to pop up as enabled or disabled depending on some conditions in the game (eg, can't build a table if you don't have wood in your inventory). How do I access the popup menu's items' properties in gdscript?

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Use set_item_disabled(<item_id>, <bool>). Here's an example:

extends PopupMenu

func _ready():
    # add three items to the PopupMenu
    add_item("Test1")   # id: 0
    add_item("Test2")   # id: 1
    add_item("Test3")   # id: 2

    # disable only the second item,
    # the rest will be enabled by default
    set_item_disabled(1, true)

    popup() # show the PopupMenu
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Is there a way to completely remove them from the menu instead of just greying them out?

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