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Hello Again Community :)
i've made space invaders game
i connected Aliens ((RigidBody2D)) with a timer in main node

when the player Die ((Area2d))
alien Timer stops and new aliens stop coming that's Good Until now

But Aliens Which are already in the game screen stays
and when i press new game i see the old aliens still on the screen
how i can remove Them !!!
(( aliens Node are instance child in the main node))
i tried a lot of functions to delete them but i've failed :(

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2 Answers

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Add all the aliens to a group. When the player dies, send a signal to the group. When the alien gets the signal, make it die.

So something like:

in the alien script _ready() function:


Add a function for the alien to react to the death of the player:

func player_dead() -> void:
      # make the alien gloat ;)

Then in your player script, when the player dies:

get_tree().call_group("alien", "player_dead")   
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Thank you so much... dude :)

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Add aliens in group enemy and when the player dies run this code

var enemies = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("enemy")
for i in enemies:
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Thank you So much I Will try it

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