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I met with some difficulties in using the immediate geometry node.
It runs incredibly slow on Macos and my mobile phone ( Android system, I haven't tried IOS yet ) .But it runs quite good on windows, and the frame per second can be hundreds of times of other platforms'.
I ran the same code on Windows and Macos and on the same computer, there are just dozens of triangles need to be rendered, if I use the meshinstance, it will be very quick for sure.
After hours of searching, I thought it's probably a problem of the system rendering API but I'm not sure.

So I hope anyone can tell me how to run the immediate gometry node quickly on Macos and mobile phone.

And if it's due to some problem inside the system and can't be fixed by godot itself, what technique can I use to replace the immediate gometry node and also have the benefit of changing/adding triangles easily?

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Try using ArrayMesh, SurfaceTool or MeshDataTool instead, or use a vertex shader to achieve what you need. ImmediateGeometry has known performance issues.

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