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ERROR: RSET 'replblend' is not allowed on node /root/mainworld/1 from: 1. Mode is 0, master is 1.

This error presents itself when I try and set a puppet variable in my player script, in an if(isnetworkmaster()) block. I have two other puppet variables called replposition and replrotation, which work fine and positions and translations are synced over the network.

Now when I try and manipulate "repl_blend", which is a variable which I use to set a parameter in an Animationtree, that error get's thrown a bunch and animations are not fixed. The error only happens on the client that joins, not the server, but there animations are also not synced.

I can send my code if neccesary.
Can anyone help? Thanks!

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did you set the variable as remote setable with

rsetconfig("replblend", MultiplayerAPI.RPCMODEREMOTE)

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