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Hi I'm very new at using godot or really doing anything game dev/programming like.
I have been doing tutorials for a few days now trying different things and learning how things work but it seems like there is quite a few ways to do somethings.

My questions is what is better for hitboxes? I have used CollisionShape2D to draw points on my scene and attached them as a staticbody to the world. I like doing hitboxes this way a lot it's simple and lets me outline things in the environment differently if needed and it also seems to work as a simple set of polygons that wouldn't tax the engine too much.

Is this an efficient method for how the game handles physics? Or is using Tileset collision better?

Using tileset collision feels ok but it can be a pain to setup and I don't know if the game is combining hitbox rectangles where the edges meet or if the game is drawing 1-3 different hitboxes per tile. I like that I could draw out a whole area of cliffs with paths weaving through them or something like that with ease but am worried about making too many physics objects.

I am a complete amateur at all this so I was hoping someone would know some of these things. My best judgement tells me collisionshape2D would be best for drawing the edges of most areas using tilesets then using tileset collision just for large objects like rocks, trees, ect that are non-destructible in a tileset so I don't have add hitboxes manually to those. For all I know all of these methods could just function the same and be just as viable. ¯_(°°)

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