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How do we assign a NodePath to certain property?

I have read it:

NodePath get_as_property_path()

Returns a node path with a colon character (:) prepended, transforming it to a pure property path with no node name (defaults to resolving from the current node).

# This will be parsed as a node path to the "x" property in the "position" node
var node_path = NodePath("position:x")
# This will be parsed as a node path to the "x" component of the "position" property in the current node
var property_path = node_path.get_as_property_path()
print(property_path) # :position:x

Have written the code below: Please give any ideas:

    var node_path = NodePath(".")
    var gg =
    **gg.get("nodes/node_a") == node_path [I WANT TO ASSIGN HERE]
    gg.get("nodes/node_b") == NodePath("/root/Node/Player")**
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Please give any ideas

Ideas about what? What are you trying to do? What do you expect to happen? What does happen instead?

My savior, Thanks that you are here.

I want to hinge joint 2 objects and separate them afterwards:

        var gg =
        add_child(gg, true)
        node1 = get_node("../Player").get_path()
#       get_node("./HingeJoint").get("nodes/node_b").NodePath = get_node(node1)
#       get_node("./HingeJoint").get("nodes/node_b").get("nodes/node_b")

So far, I joint them with PhysicsServer. But physicsServer doesn't separate them. So I want to create an hingejoint then, you know, get 2 of them defined in the block code.

#       get_node("./HingeJoint").get("nodes/node_b").NodePath = get_node(node1)
#       get_node("./HingeJoint").get("nodes/node_b").get("nodes/node_b")

But it says "cant assign to expression"

2 Answers

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Here you go:

gg.set("nodes/node_a", self.get_path())
gg.set("nodes/node_b", get_node("/root/Node/Player").get_path())
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I'm flattered but no, nothing like that. Not yet at least... never say never! ;)

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Have done it thanks to There are some people who are more than guiding you. There presence empowers your selfawereness. Thanks who has helped us many times and empowers us. Solved by thinking like him:)

export(NodePath) var node1
export (NodePath) var node2

var player_node

func fly_the_kite(player):
    holder = player
    if flied_the_kite:
#       leave_follow_me()
        flied_the_kite = false
#       PhysicsServer.joint_create_hinge(get_parent().get_node(str(player)).get_rid(), get_parent().get_node(str(player)).transform, get_node_or_null("Box5").get_rid(), get_node_or_null("Box5").transform)
        flied_the_kite = true
#       PhysicsServer.joint_create_hinge(get_parent().get_node(str(player)).get_rid(), get_parent().get_node(str(player)).transform, self.get_rid(), get_parent().get_node(str(player)).transform)
#       follow()

        var gg =
        add_child(gg, true)
        node1 = get_node("../Player").get_path()
        node2 = self.get_path()
        get_node("./HingeJoint").set("nodes/node_a", get_node(node1))
        get_node("./HingeJoint").set("nodes/node_b", get_node(node2))

What I have done, is setting the properties with "set" : get_node("./HingeJoint").set("nodes/node_a", get_node(node1))

Previous code below was not working because it tries to set a fixed property to constant value

get_node("./HingeJoint").get("nodes/node_b").NodePath = get_node(node1)
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