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I'm using a pixel 1 phone and whenever a mesh instance gets close to the camera I get really dark shading spots, no clue why. On PC it's entirely normal


On the pixel

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can u send me apk, ur game looks cool

Vertex shading is forced by default on mobile for performance reasons. Can you reproduce this on PC if you enable Force Vertex Shading in the Project Settings?

I'll give it a go,

Ok. So with force enable vertex shading for PC it still happens.
I played around with disabling all the quality restrictions (enable/disable) for the phone settings before posting too and it still had the artifacts.

Did you ever solve this? I am having the same issue on latest Godot 3.2.3 (Android, GLES 2). It seems to be related to WorldEnvironment with Sky. Whatever texture I use I get those artifacts. If I change the WorldEnvironment to be Color only, this doesn’t happen. @Calinou, any idea what’s going on? (This does not happens on PC or iOS)

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