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Normally, if i have an edit under a panel it will not show mouse caret... but if edit in viewport caret shows through? and i can click on an use controls that are hidden
Does anyone know a way around this? Maybe a bug? Please & thanks.

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Both Works.tscn and Not.tscn behave the same for me. The caret is not visible as long as it is behind the ColorRect. I did not make any changes to your project.

Thanks for looking. I mean the mouse cursor caret like this:

I see. That cursor shape is called "ibeam". The "caret" is the line at the cursor position while the TextEdit is focused. Sadly I don't know how to fix your problem. :( Somehow the Viewport-Container gets the input event all the time, even when the ColorRect is on top, while the ColorRect itself seems to never get any gui_input. Might be a bug. Either way it's beyond my understanding of viewports and input events...

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