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My Intel HD Graphics 5500 has no Vulkan support and I get a number of errors at startup (I built Godot from source):
Godot Engine -
ERROR: Cant find layer: VK
at: checklayers (drivers\vulkan\vulkancontext.cpp:158)
ERROR: Cant find layer: VK
at: _check
layers (drivers\vulkan\vulkancontext.cpp:158)
ERROR: Cant find layer: VK
at: checklayers (drivers\vulkan\vulkancontext.cpp:158)
ERROR: Condition "err" is true. returned: ERR
at: _initialize
extensions (drivers\vulkan\vulkan_context.cpp:233)

Is there any way to configure Godot to use OpenGL as an alternative renderer?


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Try This In The Comand Promt: --rendering-driver opengl3

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At the moment the master branch is under heavy rendering changes (and has lots of recent bugs due to 4.0 big changes as well), I'm not sure about the state of the GLES2 renderer in here.

I think there is supposed to be an automatic fallback to GLES2 with the project manager, but maybe it's broken in master.

You can also try the 3.2 branch instead, which should be more stable.

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Yeah, 3.2 runs fine

The GLES2 renderer hasn't been reimplemented in the master branch yet.

Is it the same with GLES3?

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