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so I tried to make this work, but so far I didn't quite get there. (Also I'm pretty new to programming)
What I wanted to achieve is, that when I click at a point on my screen my character will move there, without moving through or into the walls.
I have a navigation2D node with a tilemap as a child. The walls have Collision that i added with the tile editor, and the floor has navigation.
So with getsimplepath I wanted to make my kinematicbody2D character move. I found a script online that would do that, but I figured out that that script just changes the position of the character, so it can't collide with the walls, so when I click into a wall the sprite (and collisionshape) of the character will overlap with the walls.
(this is how my navigation was made:

  • It would be possible that I create an extra tilemap for the nav2D node that takes the size of the sprite into account so it wouldn't overlap with the walls, but that would mean, if I create bigger or smaller mobs they would need there own navmesh again. (but still I'm not sure if changing the position is the best solution)
  • Or I could make the character move by physics? so it collides with the wall when it gets to close. But then I wouldn't know how to let it still get to it's target.

So I hope I could get my problem across. If somebody can point me in the right direction or has some code or anything really to help me out, I'd be really thankful :D

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