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So, i am trying to attach a rope to two different kinematicbodys...

i tried using pinjoint but as one kinematicbody walks away from the other one the rope just glitchs

i also used rigidBodys and that actually worked but using rigidbodys dont work for some parts of the game(Also, i am almost done with that game and the kinematicbody have almost 600 lines of code in it)

Is it possible to attach a rope to a kinematicBody? If so, how?

sorry for my bad english btw :(

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Already saw it, he uses rigidbodys...

But thanks for trying to help ^^

What exactly are you trying to do with the rope? Is it purely visual? Than you might give verlet integration a try. Or do you want to limit how far players can move from each other by the length of the rope? You'll have to code this yourself I think.

A limit like in the video RazorSh4rk sent me but with kinematicsbody2d

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