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The Editor Feature Profiles (Editor > Manage Editor Features) allow you to disable features you don't need in your current project. You can create several profiles for different projects and you can also export a profile to a .profile file.

Is there a way to load a profile file automatically when opening a project?

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I think the way is to make a plugin and modify the EditorFeatureProfile class.

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Is there a way to load a profile file automatically when opening a project?

I don't think so, at least not from GDscript. :( While you can create a profile from code using the EditorFeatureProfile-class, you would need access to a separate class (called EditorFeatureProfileManager) to actually apply that profile to the running editor. And as the EditorNode isn't fully exposed to GDscript and EditorFeatureProfileManager is not a registered class, you currently cannot access that class from GDscript.

This issue recently proposed to manage feature profiles on a per-project-basis..

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You are right. I couldn't access to EditorFeatureProfileManager. Thank you so much for the link to the proposed feature.

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