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Hey guys,
I started using godot a couple weeks ago,
I have a problem so i folllowed the video here: , the first code works fine (with the raycast node) the second code, not really the world raycast only collides with the Room that I am in heres my code:, (I don't think there is something wrong with the code tho) let me know if you know what the problem might be,

Edit: What I meant by half of the code (sorry for the wrong expression)
the when the raycast (the actual raycast)goes from the middle of the screen instead of going from the muzzle thats attatched to the gain,it's working fine, but when the raycast (world raycast) goes from muzzle(or middle of the gun) to the actual raycast collision point, it's not working, all it detects is the room

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Is the ray cast enabled? For some reason they are disabled by default.

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Ye it is enabled.

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