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Instead of not letting the icon change, if this icon already exists, it simply passes.
What has been done wrong?
Here is the code:

select = "0"
apply1 = "0"
apply2 = "0"
apply3 = "0"
func _on_orange_pressed():
    select = "orange"
func _on_apple_pressed():
    select = "apple"
func _on_pear_pressed():
    select = "pear"
func _on_apply1_pressed():
    if apply2 or apply3 == select:
        if select == "orange":
            $icons/icon1.texture =
            apply1 = "orange"
        elif select == "apple":
            $icons/icon1.texture =
            apply1 = "apple"
        elif select == "pear":
            $icons/icon1.texture = game.pear
            apply1 = "pear"
func _on_apply2_pressed():
    if apply1 or apply3 == select:
        if select == "orange":
            $icons/icon2.texture =
            apply2 = "orange"
        elif select == "apple":
            $icons/icon2.texture =
            apply2 = "apple"
        elif select == "pear":
            $icons/icon2.texture = game.pear
            apply2 = "pear"
func _on_apply3_pressed():
    if apply1 or apply2 == select:
        if select == "orange":
            $icons/icon3.texture =
            apply3 = "orange"
        elif select == "apple":
            $icons/icon3.texture =
            apply3 = "apple"
        elif select == "pear":
            $icons/icon3.texture = game.pear
            apply3 = "pear"
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 if Object1 or Object2 == Object3


 if Object1 == Object3 or Object2 == Object3

objects in an if statement in the end should evaluate to a boolean, usually if the item is null it is false and true if otherwise, what you did is basically saying

 if (Object1 != null) or (Object2 == Object3)

while object1 is not null, you wont be able to do anything

**just a side note use return instead of pass, as pass is just a placeholder and wont block anything(if im not mistaken) while return works like in any other language and exit the code block and goes back to the previous one

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