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Hi , I m making an android endless runner game.
It works quite good in the GD editor but on exporting n trying ot run in my device (samsung galaxy j1 ) , dame dosent loads .
I have used 8 timers and 16 sprites in that game

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It's because some errors occurred when starting game.
You need check logs with adb logcat

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I had this problem when the paths are incorrectly typed.
For example: preload("/myFile.scn") instead of preload("res://myFile.scn")worked fine on desktop but not in Android.

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Also worth noting that paths in Android are case sensitive so preload("res://myfile.scn") is not the same as preload("res:myFile.scn") and will also cause the game to fail when loading.

You saved my butt with this one. AWESOME. Thanks so much for the help!

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i had the same problem. in my case, i installed the wrong export template version different from that of the godot editor. the version of the template should the same as that of the editor.

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