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Hello. I am trying to export a template with scons in godot but bump into this error message:

b'modules\\gdnative\\gdnative\\callable.cpp:41:1: error: static_assert failed due to requirement \'sizeof(godot_callable) == sizeof(Callable)\' "Callable size mismatch"\r\nstatic_assert(sizeof(godot_callable) == sizeof(Callable), "Callable size mismatch");\r\n^             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\nmodules\\gdnative\\gdnative\\callable.cpp:42:1: error: static_assert failed due to requirement \'sizeof(godot_signal) == sizeof(Signal)\' "Signal size mismatch"\r\nstatic_assert(sizeof(godot_signal) == sizeof(Signal), "Signal size mismatch");\r\n^             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\r\n2 errors generated.\r\n'
scons: *** [modules\gdnative\gdnative\callable.android.opt.x86.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Can anyone please guides me on what am I doing wrong?

Below is my template content:

module_arkit_enabled = "no"
module_assimp_enabled = "no"
module_bmp_enabled = "no"
module_bullet_enabled = "no"
module_camera_enabled = "no"
module_csg_enabled = "no"
module_dds_enabled = "no"
module_enet_enabled = "no"
module_gridmap_enabled = "no"
module_hdr_enabled = "no"
module_jsonrpc_enabled = "no"
module_mbedtls_enabled = "no"
module_mobile_vr_enabled = "no"
module_opensimplex_enabled = "no"
module_opus_enabled = "no"
module_pvr_enabled = "no"
module_recast_enabled = "no"
module_regex_enabled = "no"
module_bullet_enabled = "no"
module_squish_enabled = "no"
module_svg_enabled = "no"
module_tga_enabled = "no"
module_theora_enabled = "no"
module_tinyexr_enabled = "no"
module_upnp_enabled = "no"
module_vhacd_enabled = "no"
module_vorbis_enabled = "no"
module_webm_enabled = "no"
module_webp_enabled = "no"
module_webrtc_enabled = "no"
module_websocket_enabled = "no"
module_xatlas_unwrap_enabled = "no"
module_visual_script_enabled = "no"
tools = "no"
platform = "android"
disable_3d = "yes"
disable_advanced_gui= "yes"
android_arch = "x86"
target = "release"
builtin_bullet = "no"
builtin_enet = "no"
builtin_vulkan = "no"
deprecated = "no"
use_lto = "no"
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Have you been able to export a minimum template? Just to check there is nothing basic that is wrong?
Maybe this can help:
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The error shows when im executing scons command during it run arround 19%. Not sure if it is due to i am using the latest ndk. Will try downgrade the ndk and try again. Thanks.

Have you tested with an example setup, just to verify that the system works? If that works, you can start with a minimal version of your own code, add more until it breaks, and identify that.

Thanks! That's actually a cool idea! I tried with basic build and it is 100% completed! Seems like some module is internally dependent on other module. I will continue with your method until I reach an optimum scons build. Thanks!

Feel free to update your answer and will mark it as an answer for this question

Hmm, how do you mean I should update my answer? I am new to this forum.

Hello, there's a 3 dot icon at the bottom right corner of the content. Choose 'edit' and and update anything on your written context. :)

Ok, done. Weird that it cannot be chosen unless it is updated.

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