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That means: 1->"a", 2->"b", 3->"c", ... , 26->"z", 27->"aa", etc, just like spreadsheet horizontal cell indexing?

I looked for it in the documentation, but I couldn't find it. If it doesn't exist, I'll just make it myself, but I like to use engine functionality as much as possible.

Roman numerals would work for me too, I just need something other than numbers to distinguish two systems in my game.

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There is String.ord_at(pos) which returns the character code at a given position in a string, but I cannot find a ord_to_string... maybe it exists, but it could have an exotic name like this one and it puts me off searching :s

I think you could do your own dictionary for a start, but it's true that what you describe could easily be implemented in one line of code in C, like chr = code + 'a'; :'D

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I need something like this for planet names like "PXF-6722". The only thing I can come up with is using an array of the alphabet and calling a random position of the array.

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