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Given a custom script that defines a number of functions:

# Custom_script.gd
func func_1( ... ):
func func_2( ... )

how can I get the names of the functions as an array of strings ['func_1', 'func_2', ... ] in another script?

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Some quick experimentation indicates this might be most of what you want...

func _ready():

func get_method_names():
    var methods = []
    for fun in get_method_list():
        if fun["flags"] == METHOD_FLAG_NORMAL + METHOD_FLAG_FROM_SCRIPT:
    return methods

Note, you'll need to have a reference to the script you're interested in. From there, you can call the scripts get_method_names method. Also, the flag references I have there seem to work in my tests, though there might be a better way to utilize them...

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Amazing dude! Thanks a lot! You even did all of the work for me =)

Works like a charm. I just add it to the script that contains the functions, and then remove "get_method_names" from the resulting array.

NOTE: To all those who try to use this: this does NOT work for a script that contains static functions, since get_method_list() can only be called in script instances.

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