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ItemList - how to disable tooltip?


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I just had a look at the implementation of ItemList.get_tooltip(pos): https://github.com/godotengine/godot/blob/master/scene/gui/item_list.cpp#L1196

If the tooltip is empty, the item text is returned. So it looks like you can't set an empty tooltip, and even then it would still be shown.

Also I don't see any option to disable tooltips either in ItemList or Control, so you might want to create an issue on Github if it's a blocking problem for you.

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Thanks, I wrote on github.

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You can disable tooltip if you compile templates with special option.

scons platform=android disable_tooltip=yes

The tooltip will not appear after export your project with this template, but this will disable whole tooltips.

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I've never heard of that SCons build option – it's not available in recent Godot versions at least.

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Late to the party but for everyone else having this question in the future, use itemList.set_item_tooltip_enabled(item_idx, false).

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