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I am doing "Your first game" project from godot and I am stuck when it says:

You can assign this property’s value in two ways:
Drag Mob.tscn from the “FileSystem” panel and drop it in the Mob property .
Click the down arrow next to “[empty]” and choose “Load”. Select Mob.tscn.

I cant find Mob.tscn. What should I do?

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The "Mob.tscn" file that you created when you saved the mob scene appears in the FileSystem panel on the left side, where all the project files are listed. Do you not see it there? Did you try the other option of choosing "Load"?

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There is no mod.tscn in FIleSystem panel, and load does not work. I have Main.tscn and Player.tscn

It seems that I saved mob in as a child node of player. So I have a but no mob.tscn.

I just realised what I did wrong. Thanks for the help

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