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Hi! I have a strange problem on android, I am exporting a game with levels, when exporting with one-click-deploy the app install on my device and all perfect. When I export as an apk, I install it on my device and all ok. But when I play any level doesn’t work, is like the scene change is not working, I read that this is because of the name path of my loads, but I checked every path like 30 times and all are good. And the strange thing is that with one click deploy works great and with apk is not working,any suggestion?

Edit: i discovered that this only happen when exporting on release, on debugger works fine

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Solved it, it was an assert function not working on released, dont know why, I just remove it and all ok

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Bro please can you tell what's wrong and how to fix it.
I'm new to Godot and I tried my best and made a little game. It's worked fine on debugger but when I exported it for android it's not changing scene.

Hi, paste your code when you are changing the scene and I will try to help you!

I'm also have same problem bro help me at godot version 3.4

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