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Getting ready to deploy my first godot project soon, but wanted to encrypt the scripts. My app has been crashing on MD5 mismatch. I generated aes key as mentioned in documentation, and set as environment variable and set the key in "scripts" tab of export. Both shown in screencap. Still get md5 error message and subsquent crash even after a machine reboot. I"m on PopOS, and have exported both to Android and Linux desktop. The Godot version is 3.2.1 for editor and export templates. Both have same issue. Any thoughts or guidance on this? Many thanks for any suggestions. both this test project and my real project work perfectly fine when exported without the script encryption. I know I'm probably doing something wrong here, but can't seem to get to the bottom of it.

Screencapture is here:

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Just as a double check but, does ur encryption key ends with : C3F0
and in Godot editor settings : C268 ?

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Never mind on this. I got to the bottom of the reason, which is that I didn't yet compile the export templates with my keys. Thought the note on compiling was just relevant if you didn't want to use the precompiled version of export templates, but now I see that it is actually needed so the encryption key can be embedded into that.

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