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Hi all,

I've been working on a 2D metroidvania (my very 1st game) for about a month and a half (part-time). I'm happy with what I've done up to now but it has a lot of room for improvement.

Any tips?


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4 Answers

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Congratulations, your game is awesome but I would suggest you tweak some minimal details such as animation smoothness.

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You mean like increasing the number of sprites in the animation?

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Yes, well done. I like that. Nice graphics, did you say you did the graphics as well?
Sound effects are good as well. Where did you get those from?
I also liked the way the map appears.

You could add a teleport or a portal type thing to move long distances.

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No, I'm a developer with artistic vein whatsoever (c:
The music is from here:

Yep, I teleport is a good idea! thanks.

Where do you get your graphics from?
Are the weapon sounds from Soundimage as well?

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I've just uploaded my 2nd devlog of this game
Check it out!

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My 3rd devlog for this game is out!

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