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I'm working on editor plugin. The important code does this: Each time the user clicks on MeshInstance, new Mesh is generated by SurfaceTool and it's set in MeshInstance.set_mesh(). The old resource is no longer in use and should be freed by engine. Quick look at Task Manager showed me that every time I click, 20-80 kB of data is allocated.

I'm sure the MeshInstance.set_mesh() is leaking because if I just generate new mesh and don't set it, no memory is leaking. Is there a way to force old mesh resource to free?

Important part of the code:

var newWireMesh = generateWireframeMesh(meshTool)

The whole script is on Pastebin

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I fixed the leak. If you do something similar as me, a good practice is to reuse the Mesh. You can pass the old mesh to SurfaceTool.commit(oldMesh). It will create a new surface with your new data. Don't forget to delete your old surface first: oldMesh.surface_remove(0). It's only a bypass tho. The leak is still imminent.

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