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I cannot figure out how to make a KinematicBody3D work consistently on slopes. The behaviour im aiming for, is that no horizontal movement is ever caused by a slope, with one exception being falling down on a too steep slope, which should make the player fall along it.

This is starting to seem very ambitious, because i can't even figure out standing still on a slope. I have tried both moveandslide, and moveandslidewithsnap with stoponslope. But that doesn't work properly, not completely sure why, but i think it's because my movement isn't spontaneous. I also tried not applying any gravity while grounded, but the moveandslide functions still slided me for some wicked reason. I have concluded that i don't understand them. So my question is: is there a built in way to do this, or do i have to make it myself using moveandcollide? Thanks.

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