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Can you have a single path with multiple nodes spawned in, through code, that start at different offsets on the path?

I want to spawn X number of monsters based on a signal timer.

   func _process(delta):    
        pathToFollow.set_offset(pathToFollow.get_offset() + 350 * delta)

func _on_EnemySpawner_timeout():
    var BubbleWingInstance = BubbleWing.instance()

Can I spawn in a monster, on the first point of the path and have it follow the path?

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It would be easier to use a PathFollow2D for each monster. Move their offsets independently.

Also, instead of

pathToFollow.set_offset(pathToFollow.get_offset() + 350 * delta)

you can just do

pathToFollow.offset += 350 * delta
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I could do that - do you think the overhead of having 30 or 40 PathFollow2D on screen at one time is better than doing a tween between nodes and managing the paths manually?

It's almost always better to use built-in methods than do it manually. If you're already spawning 30-40 objects, what's the harm in one more node for each of them?

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