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Hi ! ~ I've some troubles figuring out why godot is actually doing this. Here's my code for saving :

 `var save_game =
    save_game.open_encrypted_with_pass(save_path, File.WRITE, "Trololo")
    var save_buttons = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("Persist")
    for node in save_buttons:
        node_data[node.get_path()] =


with a var node_data = {}

Now, it saves without any troubles, besides that.. it;ll save like that :
Line 1 : [Path] + data
Line 2 : [Path] + data + [Path other node] + data

And it'll do that with every node, just repeating them every line and adding a new one.

Each node has a func save() returning their variables, looking like that :

    func save():
var d = {
"Var1": var1,
"Var2": var2
return d

Because of that, I don't really know how to load my variables and add them to each of the objects :/ Hope there is enough info

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I will simply tell you to take a look again in the docs:
Do note a couple things:
first, we are saving variables not a whole scene
second, you cant save complex stuff like vectors(that is why the posx and posy in the demo)
third and MOST IMPORTANT: you need something to craft the nodes back as we are saving properties...

besides, your problem is because you create a dictionary and saves the full dict every time instead of the new line only, you wanna save the output not the full dict(or save only the full dict)

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func save():
save_ress = {
    "Gold": gold,
    "Crystal": crystal,
    "Gold_tour": gold_tour,
    "Crystal_tour": crystal_tour

return save_ress

Here is what I store on my save, so my save contains


print is printing this exact lineenter image description here
Stats are randomly generated atm

So, the problem you have is, you saved a json string as a value... what you want to do is take the data and do something like this(for the way you save at lease):


since you saved a json as a value of a key

It doesn't seem to work, or I'm misstyping something there:, File.READ)
var button_data = parse_json(save_game.get_as_text())
var Gold = button_data["/root/World/BackInterface"]["Gold"]

It print the exact same thing :x

try parsing the json inside the button_data["/root/World/BackInterface"] as well, File.READ)
var button_data = parse_json(save_game.get_as_text())
var Gold = parse_json(button_data["/root/World/BackInterface"])

Still printing the same entire line. I really hope I'm not misstyping and that is actually something I just don't understand

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In your for loop you are constructing node_data by assigning to it for each node. It looks like you are also calling store_line for each node. I don't think you need to do both.

Try either pulling store_line out of the loop or just store directly without building up a data structure first.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, it helped me comprehend a bit better the uses of each of those lines :)

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