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I'm following this tutorial

I'm trying to follow this tutorial which uses GDScript but in C#.

In the final section

            # The player get to the next point
            position = path[0]
        # Update the distance to walk
        distance_to_walk -= distance_to_next_point

That "path.remove(0)" I can't seem to find in C#, it seems arrays are more limited in C# or I'm I doing something wrong. I have also tried to define my vector2[] array as like

"Godot.Collections.Array< Vector2 > path " to access addtional methods such as remove, clear and such but that gives me conversion errors "Can't convert between Godot Collections and Vector2D[] etc." In other code.

But if I define a variable like 'Vector2[] path' , it doesnt have the extra useful methods like remove, clear and such. Am I missing something?

Thank you.

PS: Path is a Vector2D[] object.

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3 Answers

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I don't use the C# version of Godot, but I'd expect C# Array object to have a RemoveAt(index) method that should be the equivalent of the mentioned gdscript code. That should remove an item from the array at the specified index.

In case you don't know, Godot's C# API is here:

Here's theArray docs:

And the Array<T> docs:

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Thank you JGodfrey, one of my problems if I use a C# array like that like "Godot.Collections.Array< Vector2D > " for example I get conversion errors asforementioned, maybe it's something I'm misunderstanding?

You don't just define a 2D Vector array just like Vector2D variableName?

Thanks again, that removeAt method was very helpful!

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One of the nice things about using C# is that you are not limited to the types in GDScript. Have you tried using System.Collections.Generic.List<Vector2>?

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Thank you, haven't tried with Lists, I'll try that!

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List<Godot.Vector2>' to 'Godot.Vector2[]' How would you solve this issue?

Thank you! Lists and types were the correct way to go, I used the method .ToArray to solve the conversion errors. Thank you :)

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I had some fun remaking that tutorial in C#.
I converted that Array Vector2[] path just into a List: player.Path = new List<Vector2>(path)

In a List you can just remove an object Path.Remove(Path[0])

You can find the code on GitHub:

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Thank you! Good to see another Godot C# user, I used lists to solve it as the above answer suggested to. Thank you for the Github link and help :)

It was fun remaking!

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