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Note: this question is about Visual Studio 2019, not Visual Studio Code.

A new Visual Studio extension (requires Godot 3.3.2) was uploaded a couple of weeks ago:

Has anyone had any luck getting it to work? I must be missing a configuration step, because even after setting the Godot Executable Path in the tool options I can't figure out how to debug from Visual Studio 2019. Now that there is an official 3.2.2 release of the engine it seemed like a good time to ask this question.

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Did you manage to make it work?
I'm using 3.2.3RC4 with Visual Studio 2019 Community. The plugin installed without any error, but I get neither the announced code completion for node paths nor the "Launch, Attach and Play in Editor" entries in the debug drop-down menu.

I've tried with my existing project, and with a new project, to no avail.

Is there anything to change in Godot/Visual Studio settings?

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