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I'm trying to invert the colors from the screen. I tried the shader system but I'm not really experiences with shaders or where i should put the shader. I searched something about a backbuffer copy, but didn't really understood it very well. If someone could help me on how is this done, or direct me to where i could learn this? I did tried searching for invert color shaders in GLSL and tried to replicate it in Godot, to no success.


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look at screen-space-shaders demo: there is negative effect.
it uses backbuffer.

Also you can use Viewport render to texture, then ViewportSprite, and then put a material with custom shader on it: COLOR.rgb = vec3(1.0) - texture(TEXTURE, UV);

Guess, performance and memory usage should be the same, but first method is simplier

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Thank you very much! :D

First method is indeed simpler. Just implement the shader onto the material of a CanvasItem then make anything to be inverted child of that node.

Pro tip: It works for the GUI objects also!

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