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I've been trying to create a 2D toon shader based on normal map, in visual shader editor (I don't know much about shaders). Below is a screencap of what I have and what I'm trying to get.

I know it's a noob question but I'd greatly appreciate any help

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Could you share the relevant resources somewhere? I saw your post on Reddit about this and I'm curious about tinkering with it and seeing if I cant get something working.
How did you get the image you're using as your goal?

I would very much like to know if you found a solution for this. I'm dying to find a cell shader for 2d sprites. I saw your other post and the shader you have in the image gets pretty far but breaks when the light source is close. Did you end up finding a way to do it?

Nope, I've dropped godot because of too many shortcomings and lack of support for anything a bit unusual (I mean, I don't think this particular problem is too unusual but whatever). I work in UE4 right now. Sorry man, I'd give up on that.

Did UE4 give you the 2D cel shading you were looking for?

I work in 3D now so I didn't check if it's possible there, but I assume it is.

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