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Hello. I can't run the Escoria demo game on my Mac (on Windows works perfectly fine).

The game is Escoria in Daïza (Escoria demo game).
macOS version: 10.5.6 Catalina.
Error message: "The application “Escoria in Daïza” can’t be opened."

Hope the team fixes this error soon.


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Edit: This can also happen because file permissions for the binary is incorrect. You can solve this by running chmod +x /path/to/ in a terminal to make the binary inside the .app bundle executable.

Edit 2: I made a website just for this, :)

This happens because the application is unsigned. Unfortunately, I doubt it will ever be signed as Apple requires paying a significant amount of money and spending time setting up notarization.

You can right-click the application in FInder then choose Open. Click Open Anyway in the confirmation dialog that appears.

Using a terminal, you can also bypass Gatekeeper this way:

xattr -d /path/to/

I don't know if it still works on macOS 10.15 though.

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