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Can somebody tell my what's wrong with this?

func Get_Target():
    var target: Vector3 = ai_path.get_child(ai_current_pos).position
    return target

It says: Invalid get index 'position' (on base: 'Position3D').

I don't know why it returns null, the variable aipath is a reference to the path root node ("../AIPath") and the getchild should get the first child since the variable aicurrent_pos is set to 0;

Node Tree:
(Root) World
    - ...
    - AI_Path
         - Node1
         - Node2
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are you SURE ai_current_pos is 0?

yep, but i think i solved my problem using translation instead of position.

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The error states -> there is no property position in the object of type "Position3D"

Use the property translation wich is implemented in Spatial wich Position3D extends from.

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