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I have lots of loops where I want to do the same task several times but not iterate through a data set. For example to spawn x amount of something, I do:

var amount
for i in range(amount):
 var scene = packedScene.instance()

I do this quite often. Now, this leaves me with many warnings saying "Local variable i is declared but never used". My warnings are stacking up are getting cluttered with these warnings I can't really do anything about.

What would be the best way to avoid this? Would love for gdscript to have something like:

var amount
do amount times:
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for _i in range(amount):
    var scene = packedScene.instance()
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Thank you, I did not know that! That also solved all my "The argument 'xxxx' is never used in the function..."-warnings. Do you also know how to solve the warning "The function 'connect()' returns a value, but the value is never used", if you don't want to use the value?

extends Object
class_name Utility

# for connect and int warnings
static func ok(e: int) -> void:
    if e != OK:
        print_debug("Error: %s" % e)

# for tween and bool warnings - to be removed in 4
static func stfu(_ignore) -> void: pass
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