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So this is my first attempt at networking (and game development in general), and it is extremely laggy and jittery. I found a reddit thread that looked like it would be helpful, but I don't understand the theoretical concepts (extrapolated position, lerptime) or how to begin getting the code started. At the moment I have physics process (delta) checking for input, which I guess is the cause of the problem.

Can someone help me understand the process or point me at the right direction?

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The video just looks like low FPS to me. Try running only one client and run the second client on another machine.

Ran a 2nd client on my phone and it actually was much, much smoother.

I thought it was a network issue because when i run 2 .exe's on my computer and connect them through the local network (, they both run perfectly. I would only have issues trying to connect through the GOTM web player.

I guess my computer can't handle two instances of the webplayer running the game?

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