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So I have a simple 2d android game with a player and a maximum of 10 enemy objects. Other objects are static and don't move. Every enemy has a visibilityEnabler to stop physics process.

The weird thing is when one enemy enters the scene the fps drop from 60 to 20 ~ 30.

Nothing complex in the physics process code as shown below

physics process code

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I don't know why but I rolled back to GLES2 and the problem was solved

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Do You Have Errors In Your Debug Console??? If Yes Then You Need To Fix The Bug And Til There Are No Errors And Try Again If It Does not Work Then IDK, It Works For Me If I Got Low FPS

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No I don't have errors.
I already solved this and posted my answer

Oh Ok Sorry I Did Not See :)

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I know you "fixed" it but I must say it to make sure:
Android and lights does not work well in Godot 3.x
though when i think about it i never tried using GLES2 instead and only used GLES3 which really didn't like lights

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