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I'm currently working on a project that simulates a simple OS inside the game, I created the system environment and the initial virtual window behaviours. Now I'm trying to create the first program but I can't make the responsiveness right.

I can still use the Container type, but it still don't match my requirements for my project.

It could be easier if I could somehow create the UI using CSS and HTML inside Godot that natively have responsive variables and methods. I'm sure that there's more people that wants that too.

I could create a plugin that parses a HTML and CSS code and returns custom control nodes that I can use relative units used in responsive web design (em, vw, rem, etc.) and have more features like transitions, media query, etc. But I don't know how hard this could be.

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but it still don't match my requirements for my project

So what are you requirements? Your post is pretty vague...

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