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what are the methods in godot, I have seen that they mention it in the official documentation without explaining what

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Methods are the names of the computer code functions in the classes of the Godot engine. The term comes from object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is a major part of how the Godot engine functions.

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In programming, a function is a block of reusable code.

In object-oriented programming, a "method" is a function that's defined in a class.

In practice, "method" and "function" are used fairly interchangeably.

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so if i want to use has_method then all i need to do is

If (nodehit.hasmethod("some method in the target node script") == true:

and that method could be something like

func onfireflydig.

So i guess my question is if i put in "onfireflydig" would the has_method work?

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